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Little Napoleon Changeling Tale version 1.4.0

Little Napoleon Changeling Tale version 1.4.0

It must be a full moon, because Jessie's chapter 3 is finally here! It's our biggest entry yet, featuring:

1 New Song
17 New Scenes & 2 New BG's (and lots more new frames and sprites!)
1 New Easter Egg
~35,000 more words
(The Full Changelog is attached!)
Just a reminder, in addition to the Navigation Screen under "Memories," you can use the "skip" button or hold "ctrl" (on PC) to quickly zip through the game to the new content. Old save files may or may not work with new builds, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with these features for this and future playthroughs.

(I still need to export and upload a few scenes at full resolution for the Full-Res Art & Music Pack for this chapter, so I will let folks know as soon as that has been updated!)

As always, if you have any issues or suggestions, please leave us a comment below or in #project_feedback in Discord.

A huge thanks to everyone who made this chapter possible! This one was a doozie-- in terms of words and images, it's about 55% more material than the last chapter we added! In order to make sure we get you guys new builds in a reasonable time frame, we'll probably try to reel in the scope with Grace's Chapter 3, which is coming up next. In the meantime, enjoy this fun and hefty addition to Changeling Tale!

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