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Sissy Science by Sissysarahpurple version 0.8.1

Sissy Science by Sissysarahpurple version 0.8.1


Sissy Science is an interactive sissy fap game/trainer/hypno with the aim of a slow responsive feminization of the player.

The objective is to advance to higher and harder levels and achieve more sissygasms per session, more edging, become the ultimate sissy slut and win the game.

Each session you will be given a specific amount of time to sissygasm and use your powers.

There is a lot of explicit adult content. Videos, gifs and photos linked from porn sites for the purpose of brainwashing the player.

More updates coming later with more powers and more characters.

Update V.0.8.1
Minor bugs fixed.
New power - Oral - it is cumulative with Anal. If both are on, you must do both at the same time.

Chastity overall time increased.

Hypno power will no longer give Sub - The only Powers that give Sub now are Chastity(+++), Anal(+), Oral(+). Cum and Edge will lower it.

Chastity unlocking system included - spend Sub and Coin and try to guess the combination. Attempts limited by how many chastity Powers you have.

Ball and hypnos grow in size according to your Sub score.

Ending session event "Leaking..." - Before you could only end a session through Sissygasm or running out of time. Now you can end it by using all the stars in the session. That will trigger this event which has the same effect as a Sissygasm with a little less reward - First level will not require Sissygasm any longer.

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