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Team SARA by Kyrukei version 1.7.9

Team SARA by Kyrukei version 1.7.9

Team SARA is my OC-centered fanfic for the RoosterTeeth show "RWBY", written in game form because I have no confidence as a writer and need visuals to convey my meaning.

Posting this here is kinda stretching it, so to address some concerns right off the top:

Knowledge of RWBY (as well as RWBY: Chibi, Red vs. Blue, and Camp Camp) is expected and helpful for getting the references...but shouldn't be required for enjoyment.
Physical TF content is currently limited to 2-3 characters, and the 1 with the most changes is currently a very minor character (planning to upgrade that).
"Mental Changes" apply to some degree to most characters as they are teenagers dealing with budding sexuality and highly stressful/traumatic events.
Version number is starting high because it's been on game jolt for over a year, and in development for about a year before that as well.
The game is VERY long...estimated 30-50 hours to complete the "original" storyline start to finish. There are 5 additional storylines ranging from extremely different to not very different at all.

No Patreon yet because I don't feel this is even deserving of donations. No art because of, if I had 3-D models to make renders with, I wouldn't be mucking around with RPG Maker.


My habit of having a separate map for every scene (even if near-identical to one from a different story line) caught up to me and a LOT of map consolidation was done...this may mess up old saves.
1 new volume 3 scene (right/shortly after 1st tournament battle).
New story arc (~35 scenes): Team SPAZ's vacation...placed VERY late in the game at the moment.
Slew of errors as a result of above map consolidation.
Several of the alternate scene versions view-able at endgame would cause serious issues if viewed after playing the "Honor Among Thieves" variant.
The usual fixing of glaring typos that have been around since early versions...
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