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Yeehaw Games Ouro version 0.2

Yeehaw Games Ouro version 0.2

New clothes

v0.1 will bring 2 new clothes. Yoga sportswear that players picked during the poll will be available in the armor and clothing shop after you finish the first story mission. Kitsch gear will be awarded as a present during the story along with some visual changes for Kira.


The feedback poll is over and looks like most players want to have sound support in the ”Animation only” mode from the gallery. Sure thing, I’ll use it as the default option for the new toggle. Ouro won’t forbid you from switching it anytime you want - just use the ”Options” menu.

Fixed a rather strange bug with the Alt button activating ”Auto battle” feature. Some players were surprised the game won or lost battles for them after they Alt+Tab’ed out of Ouro. This will no longer happen from v0.1 onward.

Also, I made a pack of minor improvements to the player’s GUI. There is a pack of small tweaks like showing HP and EN bars in the items menu so you can see Kira’s status before and after using medical supplies or batteries, formatting for the main on-map menu, etc.

Adjusted combat menu for mobile versions so it wouldn’t require you to scroll to see all basic options.

Changed “Dev’s log” button’s link to Ouro’s FAQ section.

Adjusted mouse/tap zone for equipment menu. Now these will properly cover the whole plate.

Small changes & fixes

Fixed a pair of problems for Ouro’s mobile version. These issues were tied to logic quirks between Android studio and apk packing scripts and could prevent the animation from playing.

Fixed combat GUI bar’s visual shifting after using some items and skills.

Adjusted Kira’s sprites so she wouldn’t look like an actor from “Mars attacks” during her faded-out dialogue state.

Fixed shop/crafting confirmation window. Now’s working properly on mobile devices.

Removed chance rolling for all material nodes in the sewers to provide a reliable “parts” source for crafting. “Freeroam” zones will introduce richer options later in the game.

Fixed typos and NPC/map inconsistencies during the intro section.

Expanded the description window so long vertical characters like y or g could properly fit without clipping.

Fixed rat’s sprite. It no longer has extra pixels during the movement to the right.

Added sound effect to all SecuLink conversations to mark these as external communications and not regular dialogue.

Gave a proper name to Doctor Gut’s assistance and added more German hints to his initial dialogue.

Starting with v0.1, Patrons with Master tier or higher will receive movies with looped animations along with the usual screenshot. Also, I’ll make a poll to discuss it further during the next month.
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