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Hs-dev Haramase Simulator version

Hs-dev Haramase Simulator version

Hs-dev Haramase Simulator version
Description: Year 20ХХ. At the end of the Third World War, the ratio of men and women is 1 to 20,000. To restore the population, various repopulation programs are carried out, for example, in Japan, a suitable H.F.F. Card, upon presentation of which any fertile girl is obliged for some "contribution" "to help make up" the population of the Earth.

Changes include:

More bugfixes:

Fixed a bug that prevented players to leave the resort if an event triggered at the start of day 8 (it’s the end of your endless vacations, go back to the mainland degenerate)
Fixed a bug that created lag on the main screen
Fixed some typos
Fixed some return bugs on Amber and Yurika
Some items now appear “Sold out” when you can’t buy more in the shop
-New girls:

… and way more not listed here. There is more than 20 new girls, not including random girls.

-Expanded scripts:


-Completed girls



H.F.F. Resort has been added to the game, allows you to play each day in the week with an absurd amount of stamina in total.
H.F.F. Card Levels have been added to the game
Added an option to work all week, and to study all week, with a single click. There is also a modest improvement to the outcome if this option is chosen.
New location: Fitness center
New location: Onsen
New item tiers for Stamina and Fertility drinks
Netori so you guys can just go REEEE


Built-in game updater, replaced with a “new version” notification.

-Gameplay Tweaks:

NTR Defender has been reworked
The Random Girl Engine (RGE) has been added to the H.F.F. Resort
Weekly exercise will yield bonuses to stamina & fertility
Some encounters chances have been modified
Rumines apology meeting at the pub is now at 100% chance instead of being random
Kurumi is now locked behind the appropriate H.F.F. Card Level


Engine fixes and upgrades
Script fixes for more homogeneous stuff like money
Dialogues fixes
Fixed a long-standing bug that permitted saves from older versions of the game to be loaded

Keep2Shere FileBoom FlorenFile Uploaded
reload, if the code cannot be seen