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MartinDrake Lust for Life v0.2.0

MartinDrake Lust for Life v0.2.0

MartinDrake Lust for Life v0.2.0
The game tells the erotic adventures of a guy in his final year of high school. His life, so far lacking in sexual experiences, will undergo a big change.

The game is an open-world populated by women and girls who are just waiting for you. You will find girls looking for a more romantic relationship or nymphomaniacs ready to have sex at the first opportunity. Each character you meet will have its own specific personality and dozens of scenes to unlock.

The game is inspired by Girl Life but from the point of view of a male character.​
The old saves are no longer compatible. The game has undergone profound structural changes. Many quests and scenes have changed.
Added on Patreon a new tier called Associate (3€).

  • Compatibility with all major browsers and devices.
  • Optimized the graphics of the game to be usable on screens of any size (Widescreen, Smartphone, ...)
  • Removed Daring attribute and all its binds for the advancement of quests.
  • Removed the 'School Grades' stat from the Main Stats. The attribute still exists and is visible on the school bulletin board, but it has only functions related to school performance, dialogues and secondary actions. Its value is completely irrelevant to the progress of quests.
  • Removed the attribute Disciplines and all its dependencies with quests.
  • Added the stat Morality. The attribute represents the morality of the player. This stat has no influence on the progress of the quest. It only reflects the nature of the player and the way he reacts to certain events.
  • All quests advance by performing specific actions and are no longer dependent on the value of a certain stat of the character.
  • Removed, or deeply lightened, all the most tedious points of the game.
  • The progress of the quests is much smoother and faster.
  • Decreased the time of many actions, so you can advance more quests simultaneously in the afternoons after school and on weekends.
  • Renamed Agenda in Quest, and moved to the left side menu for easier identification and speed of use.
  • Remodel the achievements and move them to the Smartphone.
  • Insert a new button in the player's room to manage and customize the daily routine (Gym, Shower, Breakfast, Go to School, Dinner). In this way, as soon as you wake up, with just one click you can find yourself at school with all the daily actions already completed.
  • Insert a new button at the entrance of the school to attend all lessons with a click and go directly at 16:00 at the end of lessons. (The button can be used from the third week on).
  • New navigation menu to move quickly from one place to another of the city, decreasing the number of clicks.
  • Added possibility to go back in history up to 5 previous pages. Allowing you to change choices or unwanted events.
  • Added bulletin board at the entrance of the school. On the bulletin board, you can see the school grades, the timetable of the lessons and the possible indication of written tests or detentions to attend.
  • Added button in the Scene Room to decide whether to display or hide scenes not yet played, to avoid spoilers.
  • Added in the settings the possibility to change the text tone for better user experience.
  • Temporarily removed the gym in downtown. It will be reinstated when there are events inside.
  • For stability reasons, the ability to select character Quests has been temporarily removed from the Cheats page. The tool could easily lead to game crashes or inconsistent situations. It will be reinstated soon when I can guarantee its safe use.
  • Several other small fixes and changes.
  • Riley: New quests and scenes. Speed up the start of her quest. Immediately after the prologue, there is an obligatory path that makes you immediately discover her cheating.
  • Caprice: New quests and scenes. Changed her personality and dialogues to make her less boring and more likable. Caprice is the main romance of the game. Unlike the other characters, the progression is much more romantic. Her quest is more similar to a sim date.
  • Mrs. Addams: New quests and scenes.
  • Mia: New quests and scenes. Completely deleted and rewritten the part that takes place at her house. Now her quest has new scenes more consistent with the storyline started in the study room. (The deleted scenes are still visible in the Scene Room, but are no longer part of the game's storyline).
  • Brandi: New quests and scenes. Convert all videos with new HD versions. Simplified the unlocking and progress of her quest. Changed part of her storyline and personality. Modified some of the scenes already present and inserted new scenes.
  • Headmistress Ann: New scenes. Inserted the possibility to rebel against submission and avoid femdom scenes.
  • Dakota: New scenes during detention after Ms. Tesmacher's dismissal.
  • Mandy: You can start and continue her quest from day one by simply spying on her in the bathroom in the morning. New scenes during home events.
  • Gina: You can start and continue her quest from day one by simply spying on her in the bathroom in the morning. New scenes during home events.
  • Cory: You can start and continue her quest from day one by simply spying on her in the bathroom in the morning. New scenes during home events.

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