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Vren Lab Rats 2 version 0.45.1

Vren Lab Rats 2 version 0.45.1

Vren Lab Rats 2 version 0.45.1
This set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.​

- Created strip_actions.rpy file for better organisation, moved pay strip scene into it.

- Created role_prostitute.rpy file for better organisaiton, moved related events into it.

- Moved sex_mechanics.rpy into interaction_actions folder for better organisation.

- Person.get_opinion_score now supports handing over a list of opinions, returns the sum of all opinions.

- Moved situational sluttiness modifers for sex into their own label so they can be called and cleared by other events consistently.

- Detailed person UI now displays if a girl is pregnant, and if so for how long that's been true.

- Added StripteasePosition class. Stores all information for a strip tease position.

- Replaced pay strip scene with highly expandable striptease scene.

- Stripteases support multiple positions, each of which has a unique set of descriptions.

- Striptease poses now allow for a list of description labels to be provided. When called for a random selection from that list is made.

- Striptease poses now seperate descriptions into directions "towards" and "away", reflecting if the girl is looking towards or away from the MC as she strips.

- Added "leads to" field to striptease poses, details what poses the current pose naturally flows to, and the style of instruction that woudl be given, ie "Come closer", "Start dancing".

- Striptease poses have a set amount of arousal they will generate for the MC, and a set amount of energy they will cost the girl.

- Stripteases produce a variable amount of arousal for the girl. Default is 0, modified by some opinions.

- Added "is close" field to StripteasePose class. If True this pose is close enough that you could reach out and touch the girl.

- Added ability to touch a girl who is close. If the girl allows it, this adds your Foreplay skill to her arousal each round.

- Added ability to jerk off. If the girl allows it this increases your arousal by your own Foreplay skill each round.

- Stripsteases now generate Clarity each round. Amount varies depending on how much the girl is wearing, her Foreplay skill, and how sexy the pose is.

- Added ability for girls to climax while giving a strip tease. This triggers a description unique to that pose.

- Added ability to use an Orgasm Trigger Word to make a girl orgasm while giving a strip tease.

- Added ability to tell a girl to strip down while she is giving a strip tease.

- Added "for pay" variants to all of the strip tease actions. Girls will usually ask for money to do things, but are more easily convinced to do things they wouldn't normally do.

- Added obedience branches to all of the for pay branches. Girls with high obedience will do what you want without you paying them if you demand it.

- Added ability for the MC to climax during a strip tease.

- Added multiple climax branches depending on the pose the girl is in at the time, if she's aware you are going to climax, or if you are jerking off at the time.

- Added for pay climax branches. Allows you to offer a girl money to take your load in a specific way.

- Added "Awkward Stand" striptease pose. Lowest Sluttiness requirement, default pose for girls who are not slutty.

- Added "Dancing" striptease pose. Transitions from awkward stand, low sluttiness requirement and default pose for girls who are a little bit slutty.

- Added "Close Dancing" striptease pose. Transitions from Dancing, moderately low sluttiness requirement. Requires you to "call her closer".


- Organic Hair Chemicals and Occular Dyes serum trait unlock requirements corrected.

- Fixed incorrect opinion classificaitons in Gabrielle and Introvert personalities.

- Fixed multiple typos.

- Fixed public sex branch resulting in private sex and vice versa when seducing someone.

- Fixed post-sex arousal math. Now properly maintains Arousal if girl did not climax, decreases it if she came.

- Fixed bug with Serum Lactation serum production trait, should work properly now.

- Fixed hypno trigger orgasm not properly resetting.

- Fixed reveal sexy opinion not properly revealing any opinion at all.

- Fixed some incorrect character dialogue titles and colours in the tutorial.

- Nora human breeding hormone serum trait now properly tracks actual breast size changes, avoids reducing breast size if it was already maxed.

- Love potion serum trait now properly tracks actual Love increase, avoids reducing it if it was already maxed when applied.

- Fixed incorrect event assignement in uniform_disobedience check.

- Fixed incorrect outfit comparision in uniform_disobedience check.

- Fixed incorrect hpyno trigger orgasm logic in sex mechanics.

- Fixed hypno trigger orgasm imporperly returning you to your phone after texting a girl.

- Fixed character sheet displaying non-integer Clarity costs for buying new stat/skill points.

- Added a "cum down her throat" branch to the strip tease climax options.

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