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Serialaries Young Marcus version 0.8

Serialaries Young Marcus version 0.8

This is a full-on remake of Mariamod's "Young Maria". Maria is now Marcus and everything's gay! Marcus just moved into a new town with his family. Will his innocent mind be corrupted by this lustful city? Will he corrupt the people around him? That's up to you! Young Marcus is a Sandbox game with no real story line. You are free to wander around the town and fuck (or get fucked by) pretty much anyone. There is already a lot of content and it will only increase in the future.​

1. New map! - doesn't work properly on mobile devices, please use "Young Marcus - expanded mobile" for the old look !!!
2. Smartphone re-done
- new graphical view - doesn't work properly on mobile devices, please use "Young Marcus - expanded mobile" for the old look !!!
- Camera/Gallery/Preferences/Cheats - works the same
- Contacts menu
- will include a list of all met characters and options to contact them for additional scenes
- at the beginning you will see only family members and few additional characters, the rest will fill out once you meet them
- for now only bro have scenes here
- Reading and jobs moved to the laptop
- New app: FillMeUp, for random expanded hookups
3. New activity: FillMeUp app
- look for some action with the following guys:
- Alex (jock, top)
- Chad (jock, top)
- Kenny (jock, top)
- Laurence (twink, bottom)
- Patrick (bear, top)
- Phoenix (jock, vers) - watch out for his parrot!!!
- more to come in future releases
4. Phone contact scenes:
- have additional fun with your bro
- invite him to the cinema, park, beach, mall or join him on the field
- some scenes require relation (10, 20, 30), sex scenes require corruptions (20, 40, 60)
- sex scenes are random, so will not always pop up
- send him a nude selfie to get him aroused, then visit him at night for your reward but beware, making him horny before sex will only make it rougher
5. Additional scene with your brother (winner of the latest poll, he is clearly your favorite ;) )
- Webcam sessions with bro (you need to be caught by him on the webcam at least once to have this option) - 3 different scenes
- Check the bathroom window in the morning (between 8 and 9) - random occurrence, high (>60) corruption needed
- Sit and talk has one new option (option visible after 23:00, bro corruption >60 required) to talk about porn that will lead to a new scene
- Walking naked around the living room (bro corruption >50 required) have a chance to trigger a surprise butt sex
6. New major character: uncle Sebastian
- get his first scene at the beginning of the game (can be skipped if you don't want to see a rape scene)
- visit Uncle Sebastian's apartment to unlock the next scenes (3 scenes for now at the beginning, at 20 and 40 corruption points)
- more lessons in future updates
- future plan will change Marcus corruption progress to be unlocked only after uncle's lessons
7. After School expanded a little
- Meeting with Christian added
- Talk with Mr. White possible after school
- New location: Frat house (>30 school reputation required) - 4 different scenes
- Look for Hunter (after you meet him in the Library)
8. New major character: Hunter
- meet him for the first time in the library (while reading a book) - random occurrence
- look for him after school and spend time building up a relationship
- he is a bit shy so only a strong relationship (>60) will open him up (or more like he will open you up)
- revisit all scenes after first sex for additional scenes
- 3 nerdy sex scenes with cosplay
- no ending for now
9. Few scenes with Mr. White were updated with the brilliant writing of RhasAlGhul.
- White introduction
10. Additional changes:
- robbery chance at night decreased
- chance of finding your bro fucking a pillow decreased
- Office message from dad will not be triggered at night
11. Grammar review in progress (bro scenes plus few others were corrected).

If you need help finding new scenes check the guide.

Bug fixes:
- Missing toys added to the store
- Pics/beach/bro_noncorr.webp - missing
- missing images when sticking your dick in a glory hole in gay bar
- teleportation from gay bar to the beach after drinking
- wrong reference to brothers name (he is permanently called Milo from now on)
- error when traveling to/from the Fishing Point
- working as a shop assistant didn't check the energy
- error when meeting Tony at the swimming pool
- typos in Mr. McEvoy name
- interacting with Jack didn't cost energy
- having sex with Jack didn't increase stats
- being stuck for eternity sucking dicks in the school bathroom
- various typos
- Tony being referred to as Greg
Some of the bugs that you reported will have to wait for future release.

Once again as somehow this is always missed: The new game is required!!!
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