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Blowing Wind by ShootingStar version 0.10d

Blowing Wind by ShootingStar version 0.10d

Blowing Wind is a game where you start as a boy who will be exploring a lot of new things in his life. The idea of the game is to make it a "Life-Sim" and every choice matters. Mistress route (Up to around the same point where the Master route was left)

- Some alternative text and more stuff for the mistress route

- Reworked the Sleeping mechanic, now you should wakeup at 7 AM always

- Rewrite on the Appearence tab, added more changes and descriptions

- Rewrite on the Help tab, added a task/objective tracker, so it's less likely that you'll be stuck somewhere

- Gloryhole scene, it works and random and you're more likely to find a girl that will suck you at the Club rather than the Bar

- You can now visit John and his friends (Only the basic mechanic done, more things will develop from visitng him)

- Added more clothing options at the Red Light District

- If you go dressed like a girl to the Club you'll pass free, if not, you'll have to pay

- Random Event at Waiter Work ( You are called by your Boss, meet him and get an offer from him )

Update 0.10 is now out!
I mostly focused on developing further the latest route added to the game, adding some features like a way to update old save files and change the name of the characters in the game, and making the game feel smoother and filling some of the gaps in the world outside of the whole "main story progression".

I still have some plans to make the whole transformation process slower with more steps and scenes in the middle, but that's what I'm working on for the next update since I'll need to adapt some parts of the code to make everything much easier to work with.
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