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BakezoriGames Hellscape version 0.01

BakezoriGames Hellscape version 0.01

After waking up at the Inn, if you attempt to leave the room then put on the Handmade Dress, a dialogue box reading "0" will appear at the end of the Handmade Dress scene. I expect the game is trying to trigger more dialogue, but doesn't have a proper code to trigger it, so it just returns a "0." I don't believe the error causes any additional issues, so don't worry too much if it happens. I'll look into a fix for Version 0.02.
The "Export" option on the Continue screen has been a bit buggy. One second it'll work fine, the next it won't do anything. I'll try to find a different method of exporting saves in Version 0.02.

If you use the spell "Burst I" and target a tile where there are no enemies within the spell's area of effect, the game will soft lock. The spell should work fine aside from this issue. I'll be implementing a fix in Version 0.02, but for now, if you happen to find the Tome of Burst I, make sure you only use the spell on a tile where it will actually hit an enemy.

For some reason, if Izobel is hit while performing a sex act, she won't receive critical damage. I'm not sure why this is happening (it was working fine a week ago) but I'll go back through the code and fix this for Version 0.02.

If you load a save inside the Sanctuary, the fire in the braziers will not be animated.
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