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Yeehaw Games Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret version final

Yeehaw Games Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret version final

A young mage from a noble family arrives at a distant castle to find it ruined and her sister missing. Will she able to recover lost monster girls and restore the peace with their power? What price will she have to pay?
Yorna v1.1.5 release and full changelog
Yorna v1.1.5 is up for download! Aside from the new story content and usual puzzle & treasure hunting, you’ll find 1 new monster girls, a new beastman and 2 fresh H scenes with them. Hanako finds out a fault with the focusing crystal and Ada will have to step in to fix it. But will it be this easy?

H content

The update brings 2 new H events with 2 options each. You can get the first pair from new common enemies – catmen. You can find them in the new mountain region on Ikko island.

The second pair of scenes features a new boss - Kara. She’s in the same region as your new furry friends.

Ada’s last maid job scene (1 on 1 with the client) received a graphic update along with a pair of extra frames. You don’t need to re-unlock the scene if you’ve already got it before. Also, I’ve updated last month’s art pack with the new frames.

New features

Kitsune questline received a new step with a bit of private time with Ayane. Don’t miss your chance ;)

This update introduces 2 new scenes with other monster girls, mainly focused on the small trio. You can find both inside the kitsune temple after progression the main plot.

I added the last piece of the puzzle staff. You can assemble it in v1.1.5 to get the best weapon with stats of your choice. Yeah, just like with the sword. Also, all options will place different status effects on enemies with direct hits, as the bloodthirster did.

Small fixes and improvements

Fixed Sarana’s nameplate during her cutscene in the deep mine region. Now it properly uses her name.

Adjusted all of Momo’s dialogue sprites. Now, her front hair properly covers her eye to avoid flickering during image swaps.

Fixed background music in deep mine’s labyrinth zone. Now all zones properly trigger music after players load a saved game in them.

Fixed a rather strange bug that could turn a critical hit into a regular one without any bonus damage.

Fixed an issue with the sand cave’s orb puzzle where players could look themselves out from the Eastenr part of the labyrinth after losing to ogres. Now, this map has the reset switch to put the puzzle on step 1.

Adjusted mobile option window to accommodate all options without the need to scroll through them. Didn’t notice this weird change before, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fixed a rare bug which froze the game after using the dev log button and moving on to the browser.

Fixed global map’s desert region. Now it properly uses the same sand tiles everywhere to avoid the rough tiling between the “palm forest” part and the rest of the zone.

Added informative icon for buff and debuff states like def or mdef with arrows pointed upwards on downwards according to the effect. This affects only states with a single effect.

Increased scroll speed for “Feature” text. Still stuck testing this since the result varies on different platforms. I will add it to the main build later.

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