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Unclebounce Unnatural Selection version 0.0.512 pt

Unclebounce Unnatural Selection version 0.0.512 pt

“Unnatural Selection” is a text-dominant HTML (Twine) game that supplements the Crown of Roses novels by presenting a different story-line that focuses specifically on one of the supporting- / side-characters from the novel[s]. Story continuity is maintained between all the Crown of Roses works. You are welcome to enjoy this game as a stand-alone experience, but if you are someone receptive to reading, or especially if you are actively seeking a fantasy-fiction world that does not shy away from mature/sexual/fetishistic elements and descriptions, then I strongly encourage you to read the current novel, Crown of Roses: Lost & Found, prior to playing the game. You are welcome to follow both products as they are developed, and I assure you that the Crown of Roses world will be complex, intriguing, and entertaining; it will continually grow in depth and scope to accommodate everyone’s invested imaginations.

“Unnatural Selection” revolves around Michael (Michelle) Warren. The game is in the very beginning stages of development, so you should not expect much “playability” at this point. Right now, the game’s cosmetics (appearance and style) are low priority in development, so players should also not expect refined visual appeal. Plus, it currently contains very little images. As the game progresses in development, more artwork (and other media) will be added (including adult imagery), and the cosmetics will be improved. Until then, feel free to experience what is available.
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