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Threshold Monster Girl Dreams version 23.9b

Threshold Monster Girl Dreams version 23.9b


-Lillian has a new dialogue that gives you a free skill! Making this made me realize how out of date and clunky the NPC system is so in a future update I’m going to rehaul it so they just use the standard event system. Either the bug fix update following this one, or the Feng update.

-The manticore has received a content and combat update! You can now learn her name! Good luck! Some of her current progress trackers didn’t exist before, so there may be some inconsistencies with things she says, and depending on how much time you’ve already spent with her you may have an even pre-emptively trigger.

-The paralysis status effect has been added to the game.

Quality of Life

-Skill tooltips now display an estimated damage, heal, buff/debuff, status effect chance, and status potency where applicable.

-Crit chance and crit damage are now displayed on the character menu.

-The character menu now has a bevvy of new tool tips for stats.

-You can now re-sort your skills in a few different pre-set ways.

Skills and Damage

-Multiple skills have had their learning requirements increased and prices in a few cases.

-Tweaked a bunch of skill damage values. Almost all increases. This includes some player skills. Below are more specific changes.

-Grope ass, Seduce, and breast caress no longer cost energy.

-Spank now does more damage, but now costs 5 energy instead of 2.

-Ear Tease has increase charm chance.

-Whip now uses technique instead of power.

-Breast Nuzzle now has recoil, but deals more damage and costs no energy.

-Nerfed Distracts damage.

-Pound can no longer stun, can now lower damage output of enemy for a turn.

-Added Tantric Thrust, an allure scaling sex skill.

-Added Moxie, an allure buffing skill that scales with allure.

-Added Pussy Worship, a face sit specific skill that scales with allure.

-Lowered allures global percentile damage scaling from (0.01*allure)*movepower to (0.003*allure)*movepower. It’s base flat scaling has also been lowered to 0.05 from 0.15.

-Nerfed the Alluring perk’s buff to flat allure scaling to 10 from 15.

-Lowered all skills flat scaling with their related stats. Except caress.

-All skills now have a small percentile scaling with their related stat similar to the above allure percentile scaling. Except caress.

-Core skills no longer scale less than normal skills, as their stat calculation generally gets a lower number.

-Redid the defence equation, it now works completely differently, so it now scales based on damage taken, power, and will power, no longer taking into account level. So early enemies can now actually arouse you again, and the decrease in damage scales way better as you’re hit with bigger attacks.

-Added optional statusEffectScaling field to skills, specifically for buff/debuff skills currently, as some of the buff skills were bonkers good compared to others. This allows me to set the rate that stats increase their buff/debuff. Some buffs were nerfed while a large number are still basically the same as before.

Game Start and Progression

-Lowered starting arousal to 100, max starting arousal is now 150.

-Increased starting spirit to 3, max spirit at starting is now 3.

-Spirit can no longer be increased with stat points after character creation. Every other source of spirit still works. Spirit only gives 2 stat points when decreased. Someone should try a 1 spirit run.

-Increased ‘hard’ modes starting stats and points.

-Energy now is increased by 10 per point put into it. Energy no longer increases by 5 every 2 levels.
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