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Kosmosgames Bright Future version Russian

Kosmosgames Bright Future version Russian

Kosmosgames Bright Future version Russian
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Language of game: Russian
Language: Russian
Language of voice: Unknown / Other

System requirements (minimum): OS: WinXP / Vista / 7, CPU: 450 MHz, RAM: 64 MB, VRAM: 64 MB, HDD: 1 GB

Description: Another demo version of a new text game, which tells of a young Russian girl who went to the capital in search of fame and fortune. The game has the ability to make money, raise or lose attractiveness and social status, buy clothes and jewelry, go in for sports, look for work and part time, and much more. The main direction of development is the creation of own musical group.

List of changes after version
- GG has to enter the ring again. This time everything is serious and grown-up. "Without rules and snot". In general, this is one of the options for the development of the future plot, but at the moment it is only one. Only a very aggressive GG will be able to get into battles. The combat system is different ... well, I'll tell you the details after the release. And yes, now you can choose a cool nickname before the start of the battles. And in the fight club you can find out how many days are left until the next fights.
- The second of the development paths is a business center. What kind of power lodged there is still a mystery, but some progress has also appeared there. With a deliberately intimate component, of course.
- Now it will be possible to perform every week. We play 3 plot concerts, if desired, playing on Tuesdays in the park, and rock and roll movement begins with increasing fame and fees. Repaired mechanisms for calculating fame and other concert indicators. As soon as your group gathers a full club, the growth of fame will stop and you will have to wait for new versions :)
- Rock club concerts now lift inspiration.
- A branched quest with Lilia Sergeevna. If done correctly, you can get a nice nishtyak.
- Vera behest to visit her for vocal training. We'll learn something new about her, get to know our dorm roommate ... For now, we'll just get to know each other :)
- Something hotter with Sofya Andreevna.
- New experimental system for building relationships with librarian Lena. I'll bring the players to the court. If you check it out, I'll continue in the same spirit :)
- Vera Voronina can be found in some public places and chatted. Anya Abramova too.
Clothing and appearance.
- There is a shop in the market with stockings, tights, underpants and golfs. The presence of these items of clothing does not affect the plot (how can this generally affect?), But with the purchase of each such nishtyak, eye-catching intros and events appear in some game situations.
- You can take off your panties. Yes, you asked about it, probably more often. The effect is the same as in the paragraph above.
- In Lera's apartment there is now a mirror in which you can look and indulge your pride. If GG looks bad, the mirror won't lie :)
Interface and environment.
- As already mentioned several times, the interface of game transitions has changed. Personally, it became much more pleasant for me to play. Opening old versions I immediately feel the aesthetic component falling. Although, maybe I'm just too biased about my work. The lack of signatures under the buttons is a little embarrassing at first, but after a few minutes you stop thinking about it.
- To make it even easier to navigate, descriptions have been added to almost all locations.
- Added tips to help navigate in some situations. Hints can be turned off.
- Added an option to disable / enable things like pissing and shemale. There are not many genre data in the game, tk. I'm not an amateur, but there are obvious opponents, so here ... Yes, the options are in the help menu.
- The scale of satiety and vigor has appeared. I think this is clearer.
- New "night" backgrounds
- Removed the bulletin board. To read the latest news, you just need to come to the bus stop.
- A new kind of cafe
- Changed the font in the game
- Added 2 new fields to the menu, one of which has almost no functionality yet. In the other, the smartphone or video camera icon will appear at the right time. It is not difficult to guess that at this moment you can take a photo, or put a camera.
- Elevators have been completely redesigned, no extra clicks now. Waste clicks have also been reduced when cooking and eating.
- Slightly tweaked achievements + 1 new.
- Working hours are now indicated in the work menu
- The rock bar and the elite area will open only when needed according to the plot.
- Changed the design of all dossiers. No pop-up windows now.
Selfies and photos, laptop and internet.
- If you have a smartphone, you can take a photo. Pictures taken in the story are now also saved in a separate gallery. Only 14 pieces.
- Well, a selfie, of course. True, so far almost no boobs.
- One new selfie on the forum.
- New pictures of GG with a laptop (so, for aesthetic pleasure).
- Now in the terminal you can pay for any number of days of the Internet. There, in the terminal, the remaining number of paid days will be displayed. And the internet is now connected automatically if there is money in the account.
- Fixed a "cheat" about which no one told me, tricky) Previously, you could endlessly watch porn, fill excitement, dump it right there on the bed and wind up promiscuity. Now you can't watch porn for days :)
Random events and characteristics
- The prostitute in the park appears more often.
- A couple in the park appears only during daylight hours
- New random events in the bus, metro and one in the cafe.
- Gopnik can be rebuffed
- Speech can now be raised in some other places.
- Musical skills will now decrease over time.
- The brothel is now open from 0 to 4.
- You can customize some requirements for the client ntov. For example, whether to use condoms, where you can cum, etc. The financial equivalent of the requirements is attached.
- Salaries in the brothel have gone up.
- Contraceptives have been added to the sale, but their use has not yet been implemented.
Sister and Lera
- Dina and Lera now have daily routines. In other words, the characters have become more "alive".
“After you get Dinah to college, she’ll have a few requests for you.” Do not refuse sister :)
- Completely changed the system of raising relations with Leroy. Now you don't need to catch her at home. In the course of the game, the GG will intersect with her, communicate, and acquaintance will happen by itself. The main thing is to catch it in the right place at the right time.
- It is no longer necessary to work in a brothel for a sister to appear.
- Added Dina's dossier.
Shops and trade.
- Vanyusha will now have to pay his salary.
- Changed the system for calculating earnings. It has become more flexible and logical.
- Changed the design of all goods.
- "New" Varvara Ilinishna.
- A chef appeared in the cafe, and a storekeeper appeared in the business center. There is nothing with the chef yet, with the storekeeper - there is :)
- Added auto-save every day.
- If the night caught you in the city center - go hitchhiking! We catch a car, negotiate, or don't agree; we pay, or we get a discount; suck, or get money. Well, in general, everything as you like :)
- If you have a car, in the center you can spend the night right in it.
- A shop with discs appeared on the market. On sale - 2 new films of erotic content.
- Now you can rehearse only when all the musicians are in place.
- The pool now also helps in sports.
- Added a message when strength and stamina are at their maximum.

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